Hey y’all!

It’s my fault, but it’s been a while again. Anyways….let’s get right into it. I’m going to be all over the board in terms of what has come out the past few NMFs.

Let’s start with the absolute favorites!!!! Y’all…..”HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” finally came out and it was everything and more than what I was expecting! So great! If you have not listened stop what you are doing and go listen! Secondly, Lauv released two new AMAZING songs, “Feelings” and “Sims.” Sasha Sloan released “smiling when i die” which is so great!

Jack Harlow released an album and my favorite track is definitely “GHOST.” Dababy has new tunes out. I’m really vibing with “Prolly Heard.” Charlie Puth released “Cheating On You” and let me tell you it’s a mood.

While I am not a country fan…Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay released a track called “10,000 Hours” and while it is an ok song in my opinion, the music video will make you want love in your life. Go watch here if you haven’t!!! Camilla Cabello has been hit or mis but oddly pleasanlty surprisng with her latest releases!

Go check out my playlists as I have been keeping those up to date with everything I have been listening to. My “Senior Slump” playlist will be posted in the next few days!



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