NMF 8.6.19

Hey y’all!!

Another week means another NMF! I’m going to break down the last two since it has been a few months since I last talked about NMF! So forgive me if I mention releases from two weeks ago as well as this past Friday.

Ok so can we talk about the new Charlie Puth! I’m obsessed!!!! So if you haven’t listened to “I Warned Myself” yet please go listen right now!

Anyways, the most talked about release two weeks ago was obviously Taylor Swift’s album Lover. Guys i’m going to be honest… I am a HUGE Taylor fan. I have been following her career since I was little and there has never been songs on albums of hers that I have disliked. I have to say that on this album there are more songs that I dislike than like. The St.Vincent collaboration on “Cruel Summer” is my favorite on the album. It does feel like she is still very much stuck in high school during this album, despite her age. Go listen to the Popcast podcast that came out last week. They give out a really cool insight on Taylor’s history and do a really deep dive into this album and comparing it to others.

Moving on, my all time FAVORITE artist Francis and the Lights released a collaboration with my two other favorites, Bon Iver and Kanye West. I heard it for the first time, live at Lollapalooza. However, I didn’t know that his collaborators were Justin Vernon and Kanye. I think I have played the song, “Take Me to the Light” about a million times now. My favorite baby artist, Kenny Mason released a hit titled, “Hit.” If you haven’t heard of Kenny, please go listen to him! He is killer and doing big things. My favorite song he has out is “Nike 2!”

My favorite release from this week is Camilla Cabello’s “Shameless.” I really haven’t been the biggest fan of hers recently due to her relationship with the love of my life, Shawn Mendes, but, this song slaps! Wasn’t a big fan of her other release from the week, but it doesn’t matter since “Shameless” is AMAZING!

Post Malone released an album which is all around great! So go take a listen if you haven’t! He collaborated with some really cool people across the board. My favorite track from the album is “Take What You Want,” with collaborators Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott! I also really like “Circles” and “Enemies” featuring DaBaby.

As always, let me know what you are listening to! If you want to know what else I liked from the week, go listen to my THIS WEEK playlist.



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