NMF 6.21.19

Hey everyone!!!

This week we had the most anticipated release of Lil Nas X’s 7 EP. I can honestly say i’m not a fan. I gave the full project a listen and the only song that stood out to me was “Panini,” and I immediately realized it was due to the fact that Take A Daytrip was part of the production. Also, every song on this EP is like 2 minutes long… So now the real question is Lil Nas X a one hit wonder, or will he actually put out some great music?

One of my favorite Nashville songwriters, Emily Weisband released a song titled, “Identity Crisis.” I honestly thought I would love this song a lot more, but I think that was partly due to the fact that I had really high expectations, which I shouldn’t have. But nonetheless, it is a personal and raw song from her.

My BOY SHAWN MENDES released a song with Camilla Cabello. The music video is something else boys and girls. Despite the song being a bop, Shawn looks unreal in the video. I cried… So go watch and listen!!!

I really dig ARIZONA’s new song “Nostalgia.” I’ve been waiting for a summer tune from them! I have followed them through their rise in music and around the festival circuit. I’m excited to see what they do with their new project! Other summer bops that came out this week include: “Pieces of Us” (King Princess & Mark Ronson), “Stacy” (Quinn XCII), and “All The Time” (Zara Larsson).

Check out my THIS WEEK playlist for everything I have spinning this week!



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