NMF 6.14.19

Hey everyone!

Honestly I wasn’t that excited about NMF last week. I’m looking forward to tonight though! Sorry this is so late! But, my THIS WEEK playlist is updated and that’s the tea.

Anyways let’s get right into this with Taylor Swift… Now, I’ve been a die hard Taylor nation fan ever since I remember deciding I wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. This was definitely more than ten years ago! That being said, I have never disliked anything she has put out until now. “ME!” was a huge disappointment in my opinion. Her newest single that came out last week, “You Need To Calm Down,” is just not my vibe either. That being said, I really respect the songwriting in the verses of the song. But the chorus man….it’s just a no. But all in all, I really don’t think I will be liking anything on her upcoming album Lover due to the rainbows and sunshine vibe. I love and respect everything she is advocating for and stands for, but the vibey pink and all smiles album she is going for is a no for me dawg.

A pleasant surprise for me this week was Alec Benjamin’s new track “Must Have Been the Wind.” I was never really a big Alec Benjamin fan. I couldn’t get behind it until now! This song is so well written and I am a big fan.

We all know that I am a HUGE Francis & the Lights fan. His new track “Do u Need Love?” is not my favorite from him. But nonetheless, I like it. His craftsmanship really impresses me with everything he releases. His collaboration with BORNS from this week is worth a listen to as well! I am a big fan of the new KILLY track “Evil.” Go listen to his music if you haven’t! Julien Baker released a beautiful song “Red.” She is one that can never do wrong with releases. If you like Julien Baker, please go listen to Boygenius! Phoebe and Lucy are gems as well. Boygenius is a group that is comprised of Julien, Phoebe, and Lucy! Their live video from their Brooklyn Steel show last year is unreal. You can watch it on YouTube.

The rest of my favorites from the week are in the week’s playlist! Talk to y’all soon!



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