Be sure to check out the playlist tab for all the music I listen to on replay. I am constantly shuffling through my “I Like What I Like…” and “This Week” playlists. My “I Like What I Like…” playlist consists of the songs that I truly love and won’t get bored of. Usually this is the first playlist I turn on everyday. My “This Week” playlist consists of everything that I have been loving for the past two weeks. It consists of songs that you will hear on the radio, songs on New Music Friday, and some up-and-coming artists you haven’t heard of. All of the songs from both of these playlists will get filtered into the archive versions of the playlists when new songs replace the old.

I also always have a seasonal playlist. Right now, that playlist is “Windy From Block to Block.” The seasons are changing, so be on the lookout for my spring seasonal playlist!

I always love to know what other people are listening to since everyone has different taste! Feel free to send me any songs and/or playlists that you are loving right now!


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